Selected Works

Avner Levinson (Born 1981 in Jerusalem Israel).
Lives and Works in Tel Aviv and New York

Avner Levinson is a sculptor, drawer and a painter. He holds an MFA degree from “ The New York Studio School”.

In his work, Levinson deals mainly with the human form. Human issues, such as the delicate balance between the physical and the spiritual, are the main themes in his work. He is interested in the duality of the everyday life and the desire to aspire to the sublime. To these human struggles, he tries to give shape, to bring them to fruition in a tangible form. Levinson works in a variety of materials: clay, papier- mache, bronze and plaster.

Levinson’s working process is very open: he begins with a vague notion of what he wants to create. The sculpture is a continuous sketch that in a sudden moment comes to completion. His works do not necessarily represent clear human figures, often they are abstractions or essences of forms: hints of human figures, animals, and landscapes.

Creating art has always been a vehicle for his self-expression. Sculpting is a creative, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual pursuit for him.