Selected Works

Haran Kislev (Born 1985)
Lives and Works in Kibbutz Be’eri, Israel

In 2016 Haran Kislev became a Bachelor of Multidisciplinary Art (B.F.A) magna cum laude from Shenkar College in Israel. During his studies, he also took part in classes at Hakolel Studio of Contemporary Art under Ran Tenenbaum and Guy Avital (2014); and at Hatahana School for Figurative Drawing and Painting with Ran Tenenbaum and David Nipo (2009, 2011). He works predominately with thick layers of oil paint on canvas, in a style that vacillates between the figurative and the abstract, maintaining a tension between raw, muddy materials and strong grotesque colors.

Kislev looks onto the borderlands between Israel and the Gaza strip. It is an artificial boundary in a boiling landscape. He deals with life in the shadow of an armed struggle, concrete roadblocks near the border and the constant presence of armed forces.

During his studies Haran Kislev was awarded the Irene Kreitman President of Shenkar Certificate of Excellence Award, with the highest honor, and The Azrieli Foundation Award for honor students. His works can be found in private collections around Israel. Haran took part in various group exhibitions, and also a solo exhibition “BorderLine”,  which was curated by Nir Harmat in Artspace Gallery, Tel Aviv (2018), and another solo exhibition, “The Road to El Bureij” by Haran Kislev, which was curated by Dr. Ziva Jalin in Be’eri Gallery (2017).