Selected Works

Iddo Markus (Born 1979, Boston, USA)
Lives and works in Haifa, Israel

Markus is a multidisciplinary artist whose works consistently inviting us to explore the relationship between figuration and abstraction.
Between directness and enigma, between traditional and contemporary approaches towards painting and source material.

His multi-layered oil paintings installations, most of them are small-scale to miniatures size, echo the artist’s expressive interpretation of the moment, and the frenzied Mediterranean environment he lives in as a seismic factor in his intense work practice.
A notion that brought Markus in recent years to create a body of work that is composed of many small fragments that make up dense installations.
Markus’s works delve deeper beyond the mere representation of an object to question the visual language, These works create a dialogue between the canonical and the ephemeral, between art history, Photography and the endless flow of imagery that defines contemporary digital culture with autobiographical hints (Text by Dr. Shahar Marnin-Distelfeld).