Selected Works


Through my artworks, I examine the possibility and meaning of detaching the form from its familiar, traditional framework and transporting it to a different stylistic, material, spatial, and conceptual realm – a strategy that raises a range of questions concerning context.

My series of installations preserves certain characteristics of the traditional forms, yet entirely foregoes some of its other characteristics or introduces into them far-ranging changes. In doing so, it fuses this form with the modern and contemporary tradition of readymade art and of site-specific installations.

I am concerned with questions of place, belonging, and identity, which continue to be relevant and highly pressing for a Palestinian who was born in 1985 in Israel. In my artworks I deal with the sense of estrangement and strangeness experienced in my homeland, Where do I feel at home?” alludes to a concrete space, as well as to a symbolic emotional, spiritual and political state.  In addition to their abstract or  spiritual dimension, My installations raise questions concerning the reality of the here-and-now, and concretization plays an important part in my work.