Selected Works

Maya Gold lives and works in Tel Aviv and Brussels. Gold is a graduate of the MFA program at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, where she also holds a teaching position. Gold is an acclaimed artist in the contemporary art scene in Israel and has shown several solo exhibitions, in Israel and abroad, including at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

Gold’s latest solo exhibition “Threads” was held at the Inga Gallery, Tel Aviv (2020). Gold has been awarded various prizes and grants including the Young Artists Award of the Israeli Ministry of Culture (2014) and her works have been acquired by museums and collectors worldwide.

Gold’s paintings seem to possess a strong regard for realism, yet they also raise questions about painting itself and its history, from modernist abstraction in painting to the Romantic Tradition. She sets in motion the construction and deconstruction of an illusory space, distortions of scale, and multiple perspectives. Gold’s images occupy a dual state: they unfold a concurrent process of zooming in and out, enlargement and miniaturization, causing an unstable perspective. The work results in a discourse which goes beyond mere formalism, touching upon issues of identity and place, the individual painting becomes an open arena of change, of constant transformation.