Selected Works

Orit Akta Hildesheim (b. 1970, Israel)
Lives and works in Tel Aviv.

Education and Teaching Experience
1998-2009  Studied painting with the artist Meir Natif, smilansky Cultural Center, Rehovot
2004-2005  Studied photography, including master class with Yoel Shetrog, Smilansky Cultural House, Rehovot
2006-2010  Taught visual art at a private studio in Rehovot
2014-2016   Teaches painting in Meyerhoff Art Education Center, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2004  “Suspended in twos,Rehovot Art Gallery (curator: Ora Kraus)
2006  “Delicate as lace,” Artists house, Tel-Aviv (curator: Arieh Berkovitz)
2011 “Works 2001-2010,” The Municipal Art Gallery, Yad Labanim, Raanana (curator: Orna Fichman)
2012  “In Vncoli,” exhibition for Figurative-Realist Art, Tel-Aviv Museum of Art
2015  “DO NOT MENTION A ROPE…” Zemack Contemporary Art (curator: Leor Yahel Ohad)

Group Exhibitions
2008  Annual art exhibition to support the war on AIDS, sponsored by Bank Hapoalim
2010  “Fresh Paint,” Contemporary by Golconda Gallery, Tel-Aviv
2011  “Fresh paint,” Artists’ Greenhouse, Tel-Aviv
2016  “Wire (less) Connections,” The israel museum, Jerusalem, The Ruth Yiuth Wing for Art Education
2003, Oil on Linen, 100×50 cm.

Prizes and Grants
2005-2009   Recipient of four consecutive Rehovot Municipality grants to study painting with Meir Natif
2011               Recipient of the Haim Shiff Prize for Figurative- Realist Art