Selected Works

Osnat Yaheli-Sarbagili
Born 1974
Lives and works in Tel Aviv

2004 – Bezalel Academy of Art and Design graduate, Jerusalem, Israel

Selected Group exhibitions
2016 – Hanina Gallery for Contemporary art – “Obscure”
2014 – Montefiore Auction House
2013 – Montefiore Auction House
2012 – “Forest” Gilat Nadvie Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2011 – “Refaim” Tavi Dresner Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.2010 – “Father” Hanina Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
2010 – “Children love art” Meirhof Center, Tel Aviv, Israel
2005 – America Israel foundation award winners exhibition, Ramat Gan Museum, Israel
2004 – Graduation exhibition, Bezalel Art academy, Jerusalem, Israel
2003 – “Meeting point”, Bezalel Gallery, Tel Aviv
2002 – “Not yet premiered” Bezalel Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

Awards and Scholarships
2004 – The Sharett Scholarship, America – Israel Cultural Foundation
2005-2015 – Studio granted by Dan Yardeni, contemporary art collector, Tel Aviv, Israel

Dubi Shiff Art collection
Yossi Lifshitz Art collection
Dan Yardeni Art collection
Shlomo Gross Art collection