Selected Works

Tal Golani (b. 1985)
Lives and works in Tel Aviv

Golani’s works deal with potential locations of occurrence: through painting installation, Golani explores issues of existence and presence within specific structures, where their function is suddenly absent. The works draw inspiration from architectural imagery and perpetuate the relationship that exists in them, between the inside and outside, between the real and the imagined. Golani’s pictorial act deliberately blurs the identities of familiar sites of human activity and empties them of their essence, in order to raise questions about a particular place and the actions that are taking place in it.

The interplay between the real space and the pictorial documentation is expressed in her works through the study of the experience constituted by a space whose purpose is lacking an infrastructure and is no longer able to function. Her works are large-scaled, which allows lingering and immersion in the seam between the existing and the painted reality. Thus, alongside the question of space, Golani also brings forward the viewer’s place. She creates her works through a process of documenting different kinds of sites, which she then rebuilds as installations that envelop the viewer and become themselves a spatial element within the exhibition spaces. This course examines the function of the viewers in the face of the image that surrounds them, and the dialogue created between them.

Golani holds a B.Ed.F.A from Hamidrasha – Faculty of Arts at Beit Berl College and the winner of the 2017 Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts Grant. Golani has to date presented three solo exhibitions:
Window Box, Zemack Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv (curator: Yaron Haramati) Sliding Door, The Artists Residence, Herzliya (2019, curator: Ran Kasmi-Ilan), Visitors’ Entrance (2017, P8 Art Gallery, curator: Orit Bulgaru).Golani also participated in various group exhibitions at various venues, including The Artists’ Workshops at Teddy Stadium, Jerusalem; Hacubia Art Gallery, Jerusalem; Artspace, Tel Aviv; P8 Art Gallery, Tel Aviv; Start Gallery, Tel Aviv and Hanina Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv. Articles about Golani’s work were published, among others, in Calcalist by Yedioth Ahronoth, Portfolio magazine, Erev-Rav magazine and in Hotem magazine.