Selected Works


My process begins with a ‘vision’, which is translated to the positioning of objects in a studio. It then draws the objects from observation. My method consists of creating multi-layered classic oil paintings, usually on canvas attached to plywood.

During my creation process, a language, through which I express my thoughts and feelings, was created however, instead of words I have used objects (creating speech using icons). For example, freedom is represented by skates, while connection to worldliness is represented by shoes. Therefore, I will usually choose objects that are embedded in our collective visual memory. (shoes will be the most “shoes”, the clock the most “clock” and so on).

My paintings are usually very theatrical, where encounters between still elements, which seem random, create stories and depths that have as much weight and meaning as the quality of the
painting itself.

In my painting style you can see my attraction to sculpture, and painted objects look three-dimensional. My works resonate with art history, and in almost every work you can find
“pop, surrealist, and realistic elements.

The words from the painting describe the “invisible hand” hiding in our world, that same hand that is peeping at us from our physical reality and speaks to us through objects and their combination