Group Show | Concrete Fantasy
Curator: Iddo Markus

The assorted artworks presented in the exhibition, bring together artists from different generations, and expose their differing approaches to art making. As the name of the exhibition suggests, the way these works of art intertwine with each other, often creates a sense of dissonance that resonates in the works themselves.

The idea for this exhibition was brought about by the meeting of both sides of the artistic spectrum, artists that lead the creating process in our society and generation. The works of art in the exhibition are a meeting point between generations of artists which creates a wide range between the tangible and the fantastic. The works display a multitude of images and impressions from the Israeli culture, Google Images, concrete and artificial fur.  Some artists hover over reality into other regions – as an escape route to a different time – while others dare to face it and respond to it.

The connection to the material or the point of view is discernable in the works and is sometimes grasped as a survival mechanism. The works tell us something of the reality around us – fragmented, colorful, multifaceted and torn. Some works take the material to a primordial and magical place in order to bring it closer to the fantastic, whereas for others the material was a remnant of their thinking process. Sometimes, some of these works, contain both edges. The work moves between them like some form of hybrid – colorful yet morbid – distancing the viewer from reality, demanding that he give into the point of view, the form, the material or the idea.