Dede and Nitzan Mintz create individual bodies of work and often collaborate artistically. Along with their works in Israel and the world, they share mutual perspectives on many subjects that fuel their pieces. In this exhibition a new body of work is presented for the first time. For each of them, it is a product of a personal process. At the same time, this exhibition reveals how influential they are for one another while creating.

The texts by Mintz in the exhibition deal with anxiety that rises while facing reality. This disturbing reality is the source of inspiration for the imagery in Dede’s pieces. His pieces depict animals rising from the destroyed man-made environment, searching for a safe haven. These ideas and notions come to Dede and Mintz while living and working in the urban sphere.

This urban sphere, that hosts an important portion of their work, appears before us in different visual and material variations. The displayed pieces are made of carefully selected scraps that are collected from the urban landscape and brought back to the studio. There, by using various techniques, they both recreate elements of destruction and decay they witness in the urban sphere.

Dede and Mintz work individually and mutually for the past decade, in Tel Aviv and in the large art capitals of the world. Their work can be found in the urban sphere and in formal display spaces.

By Cobi Krieger