The Butterfly Lovers – Artist Statement

Sensing an affinity between my work and music, Orit Fogel from the Ra’anana Symphonette Orchestra initiated the idea to offer the public a new way of experiencing an emotional classical musical piece, entitled The Butterfly Lovers.

From this point on began an amazing exchange and synergy between two fields of creation_music and visual expression.
Exploring innovative modes of making emotions perceptible to the eye, I developed a unique technique in photography, which takes it back to its essence, mainly light and shadows. These two elements_ very much like the eye mirrors what stands in front of us _ compose the whole basis for our vision, and hence, of my visual expression.
Departing from traditional perspective, I wanted to free art from the restraints of representation to reveal a world of tonality, and this is exactly what music does. In abstract works, the notes of the melody are infinite shapes and strokes and colors, and it is their interaction and composition that create the symphony. Like notes and butterflies, light is ethereal, furtive, and fades away before you can consciously make it pause. Listening to the music of Chen Gang & He Zhanhao, I realized how much symbiosis our work carried.

Using the same technique for the video The Butterfly Lovers as I use in my photography, the work reveals subtle swishing streaks of lights, which give it a shimmering movement reminiscent of silk and nature, and draws out its emotional content from the music and its story telling. The characters are based on colors and shapes, and we slowly feel their choices and mental states evolve and unfold through the shapes and tones that come up and go over the screen. The work is not about giving a visual answer to the music, but more to offer the immediacy of an experience with radically new formal means.