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Sharon Brunsher I. Was. There.

Opening Reception: Thursday, March 14 at 8 pm

We are pleased to invite you to the opening of Sharon Brunsher’s new exhibition.
Brunsher, who also curated the exhibition, will present works born from a journey that lasted over a year and a half in which the artist had a dialogue with the characters, places, texts, and sounds of Paris. Her infatuation with the city, the rhythm of the language, the words, the noises, and the culture is getting stronger. The more she increases the pace, the more the total connection increases.

In between both worlds of her passion for Tel Aviv and Paris, she threads a connection and weaves her works that are created out of longing, passion, and addiction to the city of lights. Stone sculptures, paving stones, photographs, items collected from the historical parts of Paris and words that are processed as real objects become the products of a dialogue created between her and the city. This is an exhibition that offers a different observation, a different interpretation, naked of any barrier and without a limit of place or time.

Guest Artists:
Hagar Tirosh, Hadassa Tal, Ilanit Scharff Vigodsky, Lior Shachar Studio 1220, Jerry Shai Sarig, André Djaoui, Ron Kedmi, Shahar Kornblit, Romy Halkin, Nomi Abliovich, Rotem Nahum and Ziv Ganel.