Eran Shakine
‘Looking at You / Talking to Myself’

Eran Shakine’s new series of works “Looking at You / Talking to Myself” is somewhat of a prologue to Shakine’s main subject of interest in recent years – the individual’s place in the consumer culture of the global era.The new exhibition at Zemack Contemporary Art will display large bronze cast sculptures and oil on canvas paintings. The characters in these paintings are taken from Shakine’s constant wandering around in different types of media: Facebook, Instagram, magazines, online etc. Shakine follows the fixed line of poses and postures in “selfie” images, sometimes adding a supplementary text. These works make up a fascinating document of life in present times.

Shakine’s works react in a powerful and inspiring way to the textual and visual culture of contemporary society, which is ruled by such values as success, social status, beauty, and sexuality.