Jan Rauchwerger | Pastel on Paper
Opening Reception: Thursday, Mar. 17, 2011
Curator: Adi Puterman

For over thirty years, Jan Rauchwerger has been drawing in pastel; however, this is the rst time that the use of this material has led to an exhibition and a showing of this body of work. Pastel drawings were shown in previous exhibitions, along with the oil paintings, though up until now, they have never received separate treatment, perhaps because these works on paper remain forever in the realm between drawing and painting. The pastels reside together with the oil paintings, etchings and sculpture, revealing another layer and contributing to our understanding of Jan’s creative process. In this respect, these works are somewhat biographical in nature, and, as Michal Peleg describes, act as a sort of inventory of the artist’s life1. As such they tell us the tale of Jan’s relationship with and understanding of the world, and they enable us to view it through his eyes.