Site Specific is a dual show by artists Bar From and Anat Rozenson Ben-Hur. The exhibition composed of two Site Specific installation works selected from the Fine Arts Graduates Shows of 2016.

Bar From, a BA graduate of the Department of Multidisciplinary Art at the Shenkar College, will present an installation work composed of several sculptural objects made of plywood.
The installation Okoumé, was initially conceived when the artist recognized a similarity between the texture of the plywood and the lines on a topographical map, those indicating the height of planes, according to a set scale. Similarly, the artist treats the plywood as though it is a map describing lost territories. By assembling pieces of the plywood together, the artist recreates a three dimensional map from the two dimensional sheets of wood, thus describing in a sense, the original tree from which the wood originated.

Taken from the practice of archeology, which attempts to overcome historical gaps, the artist attempts to bridge the industrial gap between manufacturing methods and consumption, thus pointing at the specific tree as a life form, which has been cut short.

Anat Rozenson Ben-Hur, an MFA graduate of the Arts at the Haifa University, is presenting a painting installation, composed of dozens of paintings in oil color and acrylic on wood, all forming a single work. The installation ‘About Home’ focuses on the attempt to reproduce the artist’s house in the gallery space, calling into question the meaning of “home”. Three years of living in the confinement of 42 sqm with four kids and a puppy, deepened the artist’s treatment of the definition of home, its physical and psychological spaces and how to express them between the walls of a gallery.

The work is composed of a wood construction conceptualizing the home’s tiled floor, climbing on the walls of the gallery, on which hang dozens of images of the objects belonging and representing the inhabitants of the house. Each image is true to size and their deciphering strives to understand the importance of how big a home should be, the people in it and the meaning of family.

While From takes a two-dimensional surface (the plywood) and translates it to a three-dimensional object, Rozenson Ben-Hur does the opposite. From the three-dimensional object that is her home she forms a two-dimensional painting installation.

Curator: Yaron Haramati