Osvaldo Romberg | Solo Show
Opening Reception: Thursday, Sep. 15, 2011
Curator: Leore Yahel Ohad, Text by: Naomi Aviv

The question what is art is raised in each of Osvaldo Romberg’s works. His appetite for the problematisation of art equals Duchamp’s. Perhaps only a response to an existing artwork can generate a new artwork. Most of the time he sets one aesthetic approach against another while taunting the possible links between art and the social sciences and narrowing gaps between theories and practices. Logical contradictions are his bread and butter. Art for him is created through the necessary encounter of the artist (who is not necessarily an art historian) with the history of art and with changing aesthetic trends. In his meta-artistic works Osvaldo Romberg comes across as a critical and very creative knight ghting against the forgetfulness that covers the past like a layer of dust, and as the saviour of mythological masterpieces that grow old unseen in museums. The history of art for him – as for Claude Levi-Strauss and Roland Barthes – is a collection of speci c founding mythologies, equal to a Jungian archetype, which must not be assimilated into the wholesale oblivion of the historical melting pot. They and our relationships with them must be re-experienced one by one.