Curator: Yaron Haramati
We’re thrilled to invite you to the opening of the renowned artist Yigal Ozeri.The exhibition will showcase a series of new paintings portraying two models; Cristal, with her dark skin, abundant full hair, and exquisite tattoos is juxtaposed with paintings depicting the pale skinned, red-haired Sonia, with her wispily ethereal gaze.”Ozeri creates sets of actions by painting several permutations of the same general activity in the same setting thus allowing a spatiality for the viewer to create mental scenarios as incipient narratives flit through the mind’s eye (analogous somewhat to seeing one-at-a-time, separate stop-action, frozen “takes” of a moving image sequence). For example, to see the continuity of unfolding body action and changing facial expressions on the part of Sonia in deep natural space as she elevates each arm and then both, and when she is seen wrapping herself with her arms as she envelopes her body with her slip as a means of protection or concealment”. (Text by Dominique Nahas)
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Photorealism: Yigal Ozeri expo opens in Israel, on i24NEWS

Yigal Ozeri Documentry– ‘The Chameleon’ (Trailer)