Group Show | Venice Mémoire
Opening Reception: Thursday, Aug. 18, 2011
Curators: Dr. Ktzia Alon, Leore Yahel Ohad

This exhibition seeks to use ‘Venice” as an aesthetic and theoretical framework which is both loose and intensive at the same time. The geographical city of Venice has exceeded the boundaries of its special coordinates and has become a layered metaphor: sinking Venice, romantic Venice, gloomy Venice, Venice that draws you in. Venice which comprises a merging of beauty and ugliness, fear, terror and laughter, Venice which combines the gamut of its Renaissance and Baroque legacy with the post-post modern art exhibited at the pavilions of the city’s biennale. Venice with its treasure filled piazzas, Venice that evokes enormous pleasure even in short walks between the piazzas. The continuing reflection of these opposing values has served as a wide and influential base for art throughout history: Venice encapsulates numerous references to itself in poetry, literature, music, film and in art.

This exhibition links Zemack gallery’s artists ( Jan Rauchwerger, Yigal Ozeri, Yuval Yairi, Lee Yanor, Eran Shakine, Osvaldo Romberg, Ofer Lellouche) with guest artists and seeks to briefly touch the great power of the opposing forces that Venice is made up of. The vivid inspiration which Venice provides and the stench of death rising from her canals. Life and death in Venice. Life and death in art.