Group Show | “40,30,20”
Curator: Yaron Haramati

Angelika Sher, Aram Gershuni, Elie Shamir, Eran Shakine, Eugene Lemay, Fatma Shanan, Jan Rauchwerger, Kobi Assaf, Lee Yanor, Ofer Lellouche, Osvaldo Romberg, Piet van den Boog, Philippe Pasqua, Yigal Ozeri, and Yuval Yairi.

Zemack Contemporary Art is pleased to present a milestone exhibition celebrating its 5th anniversary, an opportunity to look back at the gallery’s achievements over the past 5 years. The exhibition title “40, 30, 20” is derived from its: 40 exhibitions, 30 international art fairs and 20 printed artist books and catalogs. The exhibition is a self-reflection on Zemack’s artistic activity, while telling the story of the artistic endeavor, intimate dynamics between various artists, curators and the space.

The exhibition will feature selected works from previous solo exhibitions by gallery artists: the delicate pastel drawings of Jan Rauchwerger, along with the expressive sculptures of Ofer Lellouche. Oil paintings of Kfar Yehoshua by Elie Shamir will share a space with his former student Fatma Shanan. “Graffiti Girl” series by Eran Shakin, “Land” by Yuval Yairi, “As far as I can See” video installation by Lee Yanor, “Fifth Column” by Angelika Sher, Yigal Ozeri’s Photorealism paintings, Kobi Assaf’s “Contemporary Romance”, the methodology painting of Osvaldo Romberg, Aram Gershuni’s Hyperrealism and the expressive works of Philippe Pasqua will also adorn the walls of Zemack’s various rooms.