We are delighted to launch the second exhibition in our “Studio Visits” series.
This month we will visit the new studio of the “Power Couple” of the street art scene in Israel – Nitzan Mintz & Dede Bandaid.

While most of us spend our time at home in quarantine, Nitzan and Dede were busy moving their studio. The two have moved into a large neglected space that has been used in recent decades as a space for a number of shady nightclubs. A massive renovation was needed in order to make it their new kingdom. In the last month, while we’ve been cooped up in our homes, they climbed ladders and peeled the walls stained with Tel Aviv stories, built rooms and transformed the space into an impressive, open and bright workspace filled with art.

In due course, we will have a rooftop party to inaugurate the new studio, until then, you’re welcome to take a sneak peek into the renovation process and its results…

As part of the current exhibition, we are offering a unique work of art by Dede Bandaid at a very special price for a limited time.