To support the reopening of The Israel Museum and its financial difficulties caused by the pandemic, we are pleased to present an online exhibition by gallery artist Yuval Yairi – a series of photographs that followed the museum’s massive renovation in 2007-2010.

In March 2020, the Israel Museum closed its doors due to the outbreak of the coronavirus. Following the prolonged closure and damage to tourism, the museum ran into financial difficulties which prevented it from opening its gates. Following the workers’ protest and a donation from the Friends of the Museum Association in the United States (Afim), the museum announced the reopening of its gates.

The last time the museum was closed for such a long period was in 2007-2010 due to a massive renovation of the museum. During that period, the curator of photography at the Museum, Nissan Perez invited the artist Yuval Yairi to photograph the museum’s remodeling process from his personal perspective.
This renovation ensured the museum’s position as the architectural and cultural jewel in the crown.

Three years of renovation had come to an end with a long list of glamorous events, gala parties and dazzling openings. Magical, glimmering moments concealed the endless hard work put in by a multitude of workers-every day and every hour. Yuval Yairi chooses a complex location. A site that lies at the intersection of mundane reality and the logic of the commodity on one hand, and, on the other hand, the logic of the art work itself. He documents the enterprise of building a museum, while creating a work of art from the daily routine of the temporary workers (mostly foreign workers) and museum employees. (Text by Dr. Ketzia Alon. See full-text here: English / Hebrew)

All works from the exhibition will be offered at a reduced price.